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American Chimney & Masonry sells, installs and services appliances that burn all types of fuels, including wood and gas. So if you’re looking to add the ease and convenience of a gas heating appliance to your home — or if you need your current appliance repaired or maintained — our technicians will be glad to help.

Gas has some marked benefits. Every time you use a wood-burning fireplace, there’s a certain amount of effort required, from gathering and stacking wood to building and starting a fire and cleaning ash afterward. Our lifestyles these days can make that kind of time pretty precious, and as a result, busy schedules can actually limit the use our fireplaces get. Gas, however, is ready when you are – simply turn your fire on when you need it, and off when you’re ready to leave or turn in for the night.

If you already have a wood-burning appliance, enjoying the convenience of gas doesn’t necessarily require the installation of a brand new appliance — we can offer simpler and more cost-effective options.

Installation Of Gas Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

Interested in a new gas appliance? American Chimney & Masonry’s technicians can go over the many different options with you, from fireplaces, stoves and inserts to the many shapes, sizes and placements that could work in your home and fit your tastes. Whether you need to update and improve an old appliance or you want to provide your space with additional and efficient heat or a fresh look, we’ll help you find the right appliance, and install it with expert care.

Gas Log Sales & Installation

Converting a wood-burning fireplace to a gas-burning one might be easier than you think — gas log sets can be installed into your existing appliance, and our techs can do the job quickly and efficiently. Worried about looks? Gas logs have come a long way — you’ll be amazed at how lifelike modern sets look.

Log Lighter Replacements

Gas log lighters help us enjoy our wood-burning fireplaces, with the added convenience of gas to get the fire going. Some log lighters, however, wear out after a relatively short span of time and use, given the high heat they’re subjected to with each fire. If your log lighter is damaged, we can bring it back to proper function by installing a new, heavy-duty replacement.

If you’re looking for a new gas appliance, or need your existing one serviced, call American Chimney & Masonry. Our expert technicians are ready to help! Use our convenient online scheduling form or call 503-644-0393, today!

We sell and install all kinds of fireplaces and chimneys. Ask us for more details about all our chimney and fireplace services today.

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We Accept Credit Cards