If you have ever had a leak in your home, one thing is clear; you can’t always tell where it originates from. However, with a little bit of knowledge about your chimney you can see that it’s a great place to start when you have a leak in your home. The reason chimneys are such a vulnerable place for leaks is because the construction of a chimney has some areas that can be difficult to seal. If not sealed properly, water gets in and runs down rafters, beams and even the edges of drywall to a completely different area in your home and you don’t even think about the chimney being the culprit and source of the leak.

Here is a quick breakdown of the three areas.

  • Chimney Crown Leaks happen because of the breakdown of crown due to exposure to wind, rain and varying temperatures. Crowns can be chipped away, show signs of deep cracks or voids or be broken, all of which allow water to be absorbed and transferred into the home via the chase. This happens a lot when mortar has been substituted for concrete to save time and money during construction.
  • Chimney Flashing Leaks are the perfect place for leaks if not installed correctly. This is where the roof line and the chimney meet making it the perfect place for water to gather behind the chimney and penetrate the flashing and leak into the home. If the flashing is not high enough around the base of the chimney water can easily run down between the flashing and the brick.
  • Chimney Mortar Joints and the bricks themselves can be a leak problem depending on the density of the brick and mortar. Soft bricks tend to absorb water and over time that water will need someplace to go once the brick is saturated. Same with the mortar joint if it was mixed with too much sand.

Each one of these potential leak areas can be solved rather easily and inexpensively if you are proactive and identify the issue before they become an expensive problem to fix. Call us at 503-644-0393 and let us know your concerns and we can go into detail about how to deal with your particular concern.

If you have a leak right now and can’t seem to find the source, we can help. Give us a call at 503-644-0393 and schedule a time we can come out and inspect the troubled area and see if you have a leaky chimney and not a leaking roof.