If you are thinking about changing the look of your living room, have you considered giving your old fireplace a facelift with a new prefabricated chimney? We at American Chimney & Masonry are CSIA-certified specialists who are experts in helping you select the perfect factory-built fireplace or stove that will provide you with warmth and beauty as well as to add value to your home. You can find a couple of choices of types and a vast assortment of styles to match your decor, and we can install your selection to work properly and safely. We would like to share with you some information about prefabricated chimneys to help you decide if this is the best fireplace facelift solution for you and your home.

Fireplace Facelift with Insert - Portland OR

What exactly is a prefabricated fireplace and chimney?

A self-contained unit which sits in the opening of your original fireplace, a prefabricated chimney is installed with an inch of wood framing because there is no need for extra insulation. Ceramic tiles are inserted inside the firebox to help keep the heat out of the firebox, burning fuel efficiently and safely. You can choose which type of fuel you want to burn: wood or gas. Wood-burning prefabricated fireplaces are a bit more expensive to install because they require more venting as wood-burning needs outdoors air for combustion and ventilation.

What are the differences between a wood-burning and a gas-fueled prefabricated fireplace?

Consider the benefits and disadvantages between a wood-burning and a gas-powered prefabricated fireplace before choosing which unit you would like to install. Although a wood-burning fireplace is a bit more expensive to build, the benefits are huge. Think of the scent of wood burning in your home. You will also get that cozy, romantic, soft light from a burning fire. A gas fireplace, however, is clean and simple. A gas line is installed by your fireplace which allows you to manually control the supply, the ignition, and the heat intensity with a switch. Typically, a gas-powered fireplace also lasts longer than a wood-burning one.

What are my decor options with prefabricated fireplaces?

When it comes to the styles of a prefabricated fireplace, the sky is the limit! You can go contemporary with a clean face design that looks like a typical wall, traditional with a stone hearth, or even make a peninsula or an island fireplace for a truly modern look to your home. See-through fireplaces are becoming popular as are indoor/outdoor fireplaces. You will be surprised when you see the options you have available with prefabricated fireplaces. According to an article in The National Post, giving your fireplace a facelift is a much better option than closing off the fireplace and covering it with drywall if you are unhappy with the appearance of your hearth.

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