Chimney Repair Chimney fire picI know…you’re sitting around trying to stay cool and I’m talking about getting your fireplace and chimney cleaning done! It just doesn’t seem to make much sense – but please stay with me for a moment and hear me out.

I’m a chimney guy, and one thing I know is what happens when you build a fire and your chimney hasn’t been cleaned. I could get into all the specifics but the bottom line is; you will eventually have a fire that will cause damage to your home or office and can also potentially be one of the fires each year that takes a life. I also know how easy it is to pick up the phone (you probably have one in your pocket or purse right now) and call a certified chimney sweep company to come out before the cold sets in and get that chimney cleaned.

Yes, I know. You’re really busy and it’s just not on the top of your list right now. So take a look at your calendar and find the first available time you can make the call and schedule someone to come out and get your chimney cleaning taken care of. This will only take a minute and if you can’t take a minute to do something this important… well, you and I both know you have a minute. And you will feel much better knowing you have either called and taken care of this important annual cleaning or have it on your calendar to call and get it done.

Face the facts. If you don’t do this now you will probably forget to do this later. You’ll be sitting around with family and friends during the first cold snap and someone will say, “It sure would be nice to have a fire”. Everyone will agree and the fire will be built but you won’t be able to relax because you didn’t make arrangements back in late summer, early fall to get that chimney swept and your fireplace inspected. So you will light the fire knowing something bad could happen this day, something that was totally preventable.

That’s why a great time to clean your chimney is when you don’t need it. Get it done so you can relax and enjoy a season of roaring fires.

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