While the sounds of birds singing can be a happy sign of spring’s arrival, you do not really want to hear it coming from your chimney. If you have heard birds chirping, squirrels scurrying, or other animal sounds inside your chimney, you most likely have a family of wild animals nesting in your flue. Not only can these birds and animals be annoying with their sounds and smells, but they can also create hazards within your chimney. You may be bird nest removal in portland, Oregonwondering how these wild animals got into your chimney. Due to trees being cut down for constructions and development purposes, these critters have a more difficult time finding trees for nesting sites, and they easily mistake chimneys for trees. If you do have a family of birds, bats, squirrels, or raccoons in your chimney, you probably do not have a chimney cap installed at the top of your chimney. American Chimney & Masonry has a wide variety of chimney caps, and we can help you find one with mesh metal sides that will keep birds and animals out of your flue. We can also professionally install the chimney cap for the ultimate protection.

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Here are the different kinds of animals that tend to invade chimneys.


Do you have birds nesting in your chimney? The most important thing to remember when you have a family of birds nesting inside your chimney is that certain types of birds are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a federal law that make it illegal to remove these birds from their nesting spots. In this case, according to Chimneys.com, you will have to wait until the birds leave on their own to have your chimney swept to remove the nesting materials left behind. These nesting materials can block your flue and increase your risk of a chimney fire and a carbon monoxide leak. American Chimney & Masonry will be sure the bird removal process is complete by removing every bit of nesting material, and we can install a new chimney cap on top of your chimney to keep the birds from returning.

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Do you have a squirrel nest in your chimney? Squirrels build tightly packed nests that can be very time consuming to remove, and even worse, squirrels have been known to open dampers and enter homes to cause very expensive damage. To keep these wild animals out of your chimney and reduce your chances of this damage, we can install a good quality chimney cap with mesh metal sides that prevent squirrels from entering.


What if I have bats in my chimney? One of the main concerns with bats is the chimney is that these animals carry rabies, so you should never try to remove bats out of your chimney by yourself. Since bats are able to get through small spaces, some species will be able to get through the mesh sides of a chimney cap. If you are having issues with bats in the chimney, we recommend replacing your chimney cap with a top-sealing damper that makes it impossible for bats to get inside your flue.

Protect your chimney from wild animal invasions. Keep Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to talk about your chimney cap and top-sealing damper options.

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