Make An Investment That Will Truly Pay Off: Waterproof Your Chimney & Masonry, Today!

portland chimney repair waterproofingHere in Portland, we get our share of rain and cold, which means our chimneys are particularly susceptible to water penetration and freeze-thaw damage. And although there’s no substitute for good design and construction, even the best chimneys could use a little extra defense. Waterproofing your chimney is one of the best and most affordable ways to protect and preserve your system.

What About Paint Or The Waterproofing Product At The Hardware Store?

Good question. In the past, many contractors and homeowners simply coated the masonry in paint or a basic waterproofing product. Unfortunately, doing that often causes more harm than good, because it suffocates the masonry. In order for masonry to be durable, it needs to be able to breathe and expel the vapors of combustion. Otherwise, the moisture will remain trapped in the masonry where it will contribute to decay, deterioration and the need for expensive repairs (or even a rebuild).

How Do You Keep Water Out While Still Allowing The Masonry To Breathe?

Another good question. The answer: ChimneySaver. ChimneySaver is different from the other products on the market because it’s 100% vapor-permeable! Instead of sealing the masonry surface like other products, it actually penetrates the masonry. How does it work? The secret to ChimneySaver is that it allows small vapor molecules to seep through, while keeping larger water molecules out. By bonding to the masonry itself, the ChimneySaver product provides 10x the water protection, without the harm of a sealer. Plus, it won’t alter the appearance of your masonry in any way.

Want Even Better News?

chimney saver product Before you pop open the champagne, let us give you one more thing to toast to: ChimneySaver can be used on any masonry surface! Give your masonry more than 10x the protection of a sealer with just one application of ChimneySaver.

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Problems with flashing can often be the source of chimney leaks. We’ll be glad to take a look and make a recommendation based on our years of experience.

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