Chimney Relining Can Make A Huge Difference!

In the past, the importance of chimney liners simply wasn’t realized. For that reason, many older chimneys lack liners altogether, which is actually incredibly dangerous and inefficient. But even if your chimney was lined, chimney liners are under an incredible amount of abuse from fire to fire. Clay liners can begin to crack, crumble and spall, and galvanized metal liners can rust and decay. Although proper maintenance and cleanings can help prevent this, sometimes relining is inevitable. If your chimney lacks a liner or needs a new one, we can help!

Reasons To Do a Chimney Relining

Some common reasons to reline a chimney include:

  • To repair clay tile damage, which may have been caused by water, chimney fire, lightning strike, the settling of the home, or quite simply, time and use.
  • To update an old chimney, which was constructed without a chimney liner.
  • To replace worn, deteriorated liners, which may be allowing smoke, carbon monoxide, creosote or condensation to seep through the chimney walls.
  • To properly size or equip the chimney to vent a new appliance (especially when changing fuel-types).
  • To reduce creosote buildup.

Stainless Steel Liners – Protection That Lasts

We offer high-quality, UL-listed stainless steel liners, which can last for years and years without issue. What makes stainless steel so great? Since stainless steel liners are available in a variety of sizes and can be either rigid or flexible, they make great liners, regardless of chimney size or shape. Additionally, stainless steel is designed to stand up to even the toughest byproducts, whether your appliance burns wood, pellets or gas. For more information on stainless steel liners, please click here!

Restore & Strengthen Your Chimney With HeatShield®

If you have a clay liner that’s in need of repairs, we also offer HeatShield® services. From joint repair and resurfacing to complete relining, HeatShield® involves the use of a highly-durable cerfractory sealant to seal cracks and gaps and create a smooth, strong flue. When professionally installed, HeatShield® comes with an amazing warranty, and can restore your flue and extend its service life. For more information on our HeatShield® services, please check out our HeatShield® page!

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Troubleshooting what the problem is with your chimney system is just one part of our complete chimney service.

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