Restore Your Clay Chimney Liner With HeatShield®

A damaged flue liner is a serious issue, in the short term and the long term. If you continue to use an appliance that’s venting through a chimney with a cracked or otherwise damaged liner, you’re expecting that chimney to provide a service it’s unable to provide.

First, there’s the chimney’s ability to vent gases up and out of the home. Imagine your flue as a big straw, sucking up the byproducts of combustion. Now picture a big hole in that straw. Anyone who’s tried to drink a soda with a broken straw knows the result — no matter how much energy you expend, the straw just can’t do what it was designed to do.

HeatShield chimney flue resurfacingThat’s problematic, with a chimney, on several levels. Since it’s not venting properly — and gaps or cracks are allowing for leakage — there’s the possibility that the toxic gases produced by combustion (including carbon monoxide) could make their way into your living area. There’s also the fact that poor venting leads to increased levels of combustible creosote in the flue. Add in the fact that improper venting allows heat to build up, and you have the perfect recipe for a potential chimney fire.

Even if those initial issues don’t have you concerned, there are long-term effects to consider. A damaged liner allows heat and corrosive gases access to your flue masonry, where they can contribute considerably to eroded and degraded mortar joints and brick. Enough degradation and you’re looking at the need for serious chimney restoration work.

Bring A Damaged Flue Liner Back To Life

If American Chimney & Masonry’s technicians find flue liner problems in your system– from minor cracks to major gaps — we can offer solutions.

We regularly recommend and install HeatShield® chimney repair systems, which are designed to restore minimally or even severely damaged flue liners.

If you have damaged liner joints, we’ll recommend HeatShield®’s Joint Repair system, which allows us to make spot repairs with a specially designed applicator tool. After repairs are made, we’ll video scan the flue to ensure that it’s ready for use again.

If you have broader damage, we’ll recommend HeatShield®’s Resurfacing System. To start with, we apply a “tie coat” to the liner, which cleans and preps it for the next step: the application of a 1/4 inch-thick layer of HeatShield’s highly heat-resistant Cerfractory Flue Sealant. We’ll video scan the flue after application, and show you a smooth, smoke-tight flue that’s ready to be enjoyed again.

If the liner needs to be replaced, HeatShield’s CeCure Sleeve Relining System lets us reline the chimney completely, strengthening the chimney itself in the process. It involves installing a steel-reinforced, ceramic CeCure Sleeve in between two layers of Cerfractory Flue Sealant. The result is a relined chimney that’ll provide years of protection.

All HeatShield® products also come with a 20-year limited warranty!

Let American Chimney & Masonry bring your damaged flue liner back to life. Call us at 503-644-0393 or click here to make an appointment with our CSIA-certified technicians!

The expert technicians at American Chimney & Masonry regularly reline flues with stainless steel because of its durability and versatility.

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