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Chimneys, especially here in Portland, need all the water protection they can get. And one of the best ways to protect your system from water is to make sure that your crown is properly constructed and in excellent condition. Unfortunately, because of its location on the top of the chimney, most homeowners can’t easily evaluate the condition of their crown — that’s why professional annual inspections are so important! How confident are you that your crown is still doing its job of keeping water out of your chimney? Let the experts at American Chimney & Masonry find out for you!

What Is A Chimney Crown?

water damaged chimneyA mortar crown is a layer of concrete that seals the top of the chimney. The purpose of the crown is to keep water out of the flue – but a quality crown should also be designed to encourage water away from the masonry of the chimney and into the gutter system. Although it certainly isn’t the most ornate part of the home, there are some important design requirements for a good crown – which means installation and repair is a job best left to the experts.

What Causes Chimney Crown Damage?

The crown is pretty consistently bombarded by heat, cold and moisture, which can (especially if the crown is not properly constructed and maintained) cause cracking, crumbling, vegetation growth and gaps. As the crown deteriorates, openings are left for water to enter and wreak havoc on your chimney.

Repairs You Can Count On & Water Protection To Boot!

If we find that your crown is in need of repair or rebuild, we can provide you with clean, efficient and durable crown restoration work. Our technicians have been building and repairing crowns to stand up to the Portland weather for the last twenty plus years. We’ll repair cracks, gaps and holes with professional masonry materials or a specialty product known as CrownSeal. CrownSeal is designed to seal gaps, cracks and holes so that they don’t deteriorate further, and provide a protective waterproof layer.

Is your crown built for success? Call the experts at American Chimney & Masonry and find out for sure! Schedule an appointment online or call 503-644-0393, today!

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