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If you’re a fan of home improvement TV shows, you’ve probably seen countless designers, appraisers, homeowners and home buyers wagging a finger at an out-of-shape or out-of-date fireplace that’s dragging down a room. There’s a reason why these shows and these networks spend so much time on fixing fireplaces: the fireplace is the focal point in the room, whether that’s good or bad.

When your fireplace is stained, damaged or just plain unattractive, it takes away from the space entirely and leaves you with a less enjoyable room and home. But you have options that stretch well beyond having the whole thing torn out and rebuilt. American Chimney & Masonry’s technicians regularly bring new life to old or ugly fireplaces with refacing or updating work.

Options For Refacing Or Updating A Fireplace

If you’re looking to refresh and renew your fireplace, your options are incredibly broad.

American Chimney & Masonry’s techs can update your fireplace with a few simple tweaks, adding a new mantel, a new spark screen or a new set of doors. Or we can completely reimagine your fireplace, adding new materials, fresh designs and a totally new look. It all hinges on what you really want out of your fireplace and what kinds of looks you’re particularly drawn to.

Materials That We Often Use For Fireplace Refacing

If you’re looking to have your fireplace refaced, the experts at American Chimney & Masonry can recommend a variety of materials that will stand up well to years of use and give your space a big burst of beauty.

Brick is a classic choice, and if you like the overall look of your brick fireplace but not how worn out it is, we can refresh that time-tested appearance with new materials and expert workmanship. But brick fireplaces don’t have to be traditional — from bright white or arresting black bricks to creative brick lay patterns, we can use brick to create a unique contemporary fireplace look, too.

Tiles are available in such a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs that they truly offer the opportunity to customize the look of your fireplace. Tiles in many different materials offer impressive durability as well.

Owners of upscale homes often turn to natural stone, and there’s good reason: marble, granite, slate and the like offer incredible beauty and a real pop of elegance. If those particular materials are a bit of a budget stretch, engineered stone can offer similar beauty at a much lower cost.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and durability, it’s hard to beat concrete – which is why it has become increasingly popular for all kinds of home design uses, from countertops to floors. If you’re drawn to clean, modern looks, concrete can really deliver. And it’s flexible too — colors and textures can enhance and augment that clean industrial look.

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Parging the smoke chamber can help your fireplace perform much more efficiently and it’s one of the masonry restoration services we’re really good at. Talk to us about it today.

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