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If your chimney doesn’t have a cap or guard, you are essentially inviting a number of things into your chimney and home. From moisture and gusts of wind to animals, birds and debris, chimney caps and guards work to keep your chimney efficient, protected and resident-free.

Keep Rain Out

chimney cap sitting atop a masonry chimneyThe chimney cap covers the top of the chimney, working to keep rain and other moisture from entering the system. Why is keeping moisture out so important? Rain, sleet and snow can cause serious damage to chimneys, rusting out dampers and fireboxes, eroding liners, and deteriorating masonry. And here in Portland, the chimney cap has an extra hard job. Protect yourself from expensive repairs and rebuilds with a quality chimney cap.

Stop Birds & Other Animals From Nesting In Your Home

Most chimney caps and guards will stop birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons and other animals from entering the chimney to nest. Without a cap or guard, animals often enter the chimney system, bringing feces, disease, bugs, flammable nesting materials, moisture and babies with them. Not only does this contribute to the deterioration of the chimney, it can also increase fire risk and be quite a nuisance. Additionally, animals often get trapped inside of the chimney, where they die, restricting the flue and creating a real odor problem.

Discourage Backdraft & Gusts Of Smoke

Do you ever notice gusts of cool air or smoke from your chimney? These issues are oftentimes caused by downdrafts, which can actually be discouraged by a proper chimney cap or guard. There are caps/guards on the market that are specifically designed to prevent wind from blowing across or down the chimney, while others actually create an updraft when wind blows through them.
diagram-how chimney caps protect against water, animals, and sparks

Arrest Sparks & Prevent Fires

You might not see them, but sparks and stray ashes can actually exit through the top of your chimney and start fires on the roof of your home or nearby structures. That’s why many chimney caps and guards now include 18 gauge wire mesh, which reduces the amount of sparks and large ash blown into the air and onto rooftops.

Rely On Our Experts!

The experts at American Chimney & Masonry have the expertise to recommend and install the appropriate chimney cap or guard for any chimney or vent. Special caps (for large or unusual sized chimneys), copper caps, wind directional and draft-inducing caps, as well as UL Listed caps for manufactured fireplaces, are all available from our trained staff. We can also install damper caps, which prevent heat loss and reduce heating bills! Whatever your specific needs, the technicians at American Chimney & Masonry can help you decide which chimney cap is best for you.

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Top-sealing dampers are a great way to minimize both drafts and energy loss. Do you need this effective chimney and fireplace installation?

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