Enjoy The Warmth & Ambiance Of An Outdoor Fireplace

People around the country talk about Portland rain, but we know a greater truth about Portland weather: when the winter mist subsides, our weather can be mind-bogglingly beautiful. And here, we make the most of the outdoors.

How better to enjoy outdoor living than with the addition of an outdoor fireplace? Here at American Chimney & Masonry, we specialize in installing and building all kinds of outdoor fireplaces, big and small. Whether you’re looking for a simple gas-burning unit or to have a more involved masonry wood-burning unit built — with an accompanying pizza oven — our technicians can do the job.

Decisions, Decisions

We’ll have a lot to talk about when planning your new outdoor fireplace, and that usually starts with how you plan to use it. Are you looking for something to provide a lot of warmth to your outdoor living area? Something to cook with? An aesthetic addition? These decisions will end up informing all the other decisions you’ll need to make about your fireplace.

Fuel Choice Plays A Big Role

Fuel is a big part of your decision as well. If you want a no-fuss, quick and convenient fire, a gas fireplace might be your best choice (though it does bring in the need to run a gas line). If you’d really like to make use of fallen timber for fuel or have regular s’mores nights with the kids, a wood-burning fireplace might be more your style. We can talk with you about the benefits and requirements of each and help you settle on the best decision for you.


When it comes to the placement, shape and layout of a new masonry unit, we can work with the uniqueness of your home to build something that really fits your vision. Do you have a space that could become a cozy and romantic hideaway with the right fireplace? A wide expanse that could be a gathering and entertaining space for the whole family? Whatever the space, we can create the environment you’re envisioning.


American Chimney & Masonry can build a sleek, upscale fireplace or one that’s cozy and rustic, depending on your material preferences, taste and budget. Lots of homeowners love classic brick, which offers a timeless look and a lot of durability, but you can also choose colored brick. Tile offers a lot of options when it comes to style, shape and color, and a stone fireplace can turn a backyard into a luxury oasis. Talk with us about the kinds of fireplaces you love, and we’ll make it happen!

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If your prefabricated chimney system needs help, we can install or replace the chase cover to be beautiful as well as functional. Think you need this kind of chimney installation?

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