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A chase refers to the casing surrounding a prefabricated chimney system where it exits the roof. Without a chase, your prefabricated chimney would be, in essence, a naked metal pipe, open to all the wear and tear the weather can provide. A prefabricated chimney without a chase certainly looks a lot less attractive and finished, too, which doesn’t do much for your home’s curb appeal.

Without a chase cover, your chase — and by proxy, your chimney — would be just as vulnerable. Like a chimney crown on a masonry chimney, the chase cover is installed at the top of the flue to divert water away, and to keep the chimney system and the interior of the home protected. When a chimney crown cracks and fails, leaks generally follow. When a chase cover fails, American Chimney & Masonry technicians usually see the same result.

How Do I Know If My Chase Cover Is Failing?

Damaged chimney crowns are usually hard for homeowners to spot — since it’s so high up, cracks and spalling are usually discovered by an American Chimney & Masonry tech during an inspection, or when a leak starts. Chase cover damage, however, is a little more obvious. Many chase covers are made with galvanized metal, and over time, that material can begin to rust and corrode. If rust is visibly streaking down your chase cover and/or onto your chase, that’s a pretty good indication that your chase cover’s service life is at its end. If you see rust around your chase cover, give American Chimney & Masonry a call at 503-644-0393 — we can get your chimney back in proper order before you have to deal with serious leaks and the headaches that come with them.

How Do You Fix A Chase Cover?

The most effective way to get your chase back to its proper level of protection against moisture intrusion is to replace the damaged chase cover. Generally, we recommend replacing a corroded galvanized metal cover with one that’s made of a more durable material, like stainless steel or copper. These are more costly options, but they last far longer and thus provide far more protection — and, particularly with copper, can add a really beautiful look, too.

If your chase cover needs to be replaced, give American Chimney & Masonry a call at 503-644-0393 or click here to schedule online — our CSIA-certified technicians are ready to help!

Adding a chimney cap or guard is a simple chimney installation service that goes a long way toward keeping your chimney clear of all kinds of debris and critters. Call us today.

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