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If your wood-burning stove requires too much work or upkeep for you and your family to really enjoy it, you have options. You could have a new gas insert installed, or go with an even simpler option, by opting to have your fireplace converted to gas with a gas log installation.

American Chimney & Masonry routinely installs beautiful and durable gas logs, so you can expect expert knowledge and installation practices. Our technicians can talk with you about the variety of log options and help you decide which would work best for you. No matter which set you choose, all our log sets are of the highest quality and will be expertly installed. We’ve put a lot of time into sourcing industry-leading products, and our CSIA- and Oregon Chimney Sweep Association-certified techs are some of the best in the business.

Gas Logs Stand Up To Heat

PW-Gas-logsThe gas logs American Chimney & Masonry’s technicians routinely sell and install are made with durable refractory material that’s designed to hold up through years of use and enjoyment. Many come with lifetime limited warranties, as well, so you can feel confident that your addition will last.

Today’s Gas Logs Really Look Like Logs

Many years ago, gas logs had some serious aesthetic drawbacks — there was no question that you were looking at manufactured logs and a factory-organized flame. Thankfully, that’s changed in a big way. Today’s gas logs are handcrafted and painted by hand, revealing details that realistically mimic bark and knots. Burner systems are far more realistic nowadays, as well – today’s vented gas logs produce large and remarkably natural flames. Log sets also allow you to add a really personal touch to your appliance, choosing from a wide variety of different log styles, from a dark, charred oak to bright white birch or beachy driftwood.

One More Choice: Vented Or Ventless Gas Logs

There are two main types of gas logs on the market: vented and ventless. Vented gas logs, as you might guess, need to vent through a functional chimney. Ventless gas logs, though, don’t need a chimney to vent through. Each type has benefits and drawbacks. For example, ventless logs direct a good amount of heat into the space, though their flames are smaller and don’t look much like those of a true wood fire. Vented gas logs, on the other hand, provide a much more realistic flame, but because heat is lost up the chimney, they aren’t an efficient heat source. If you’re more concerned with aesthetics, vented gas logs will be the best choice for you; if secondary heat is what you really need, a ventless log set probably makes more sense.

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If you’re interested in gas logs, American Chimney & Masonry technicians can help you find the perfect set and provide expert installation services. Just give us a call at 503-644-0393 or click here to schedule online!

Installing a gas log lighter may be the easiest way to enjoy the convenience of a gas appliance while retaining all the pleasure of burning real wood.

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