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When you are buying a house, it is important to know everything about the different systems in that house, including the chimney and fireplace system. Many people believe that the home inspector examines the chimney as carefully as the electrical, plumbing, and other systems in the home, but, in fact, a home inspector is not required to closely inspect a chimney. This is why you should always contact a professional chimney company to schedule a chimney inspection of the home you want to buy. American Chimney & Masonry is proud to offer chimney inspections for real estate transactions from our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney technicians. They are trained and experienced to find any potential problems in a chimney that you need to know about before purchasing a home. We would like to tell you a bit more about this service we offer.

What is included in a real estate chimney inspection?

You may be familiar with the basic chimney inspections that American Chimney & Masonry performs when we do our annual chimney sweeping services. This is known as a Level 1 chimney inspection, which refers to the three levels of chimney inspection set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). A chimney inspection for real estate transactions is classified as a Level 2 inspection and is more detailed than the basic Level 1. According to the CSIA, this level of inspection includes an examination of the accessible portions of the exterior and interior of the chimney, including attics, basements, and crawl spaces. This inspection is more in-depth and addresses proper clearances from combustibles. You will also receive a video recording of the entire inspection of the interior of the chimney, which you can use as evidence when negotiating with the homeowner on repairing any problems found in the inspection.

What other situations require a Level 2 inspection?

Besides the real estate transactions, if any changes are made to the system, such as a new appliance or fuel type switch, you will need this level of inspection. If any sort of a malfunction has damaged the chimney (including chimney fire, earthquake, tornado, or other weather event), you should also schedule a Level 2 chimney inspection to be certain the chimney can function safely and efficiently.

What is a Level 3 inspection?

If problems are found in a Level 1 or 2 inspection, we may need to closely inspect your chimney with a Level 3 inspection. This is the highest level of inspection and addresses the proper construction of the chimney and the condition of the hidden parts of the chimney and flue. In order to inspect these concealed portions, we will need to remove certain components, like the chimney crown or interior chimney wall. We may even have to remove the entire chimney and rebuild it so that you have a safe chimney to use.

Are you planning on buying a new home? Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to schedule an appointment for a real estate chimney inspection to be sure the chimney is free from damage or other problems.

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