We are Rooted in Our Community

Walk for the Cure

In 1994, the daughter of American Chimney’s founder was diagnosed with diabetes.  Since that time the company has donated a portion of it’s profits to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Each year we sponsor a rest stop at the Walk for the Cure in Portland, Oregon.  We also are regular contributors to the American Diabetes Association.  To join the fight against juvenile diabetes, click here.

Proud Sponsor of Wilshire Little League

When we’re not making chimneys safe, we’re involved empowering youth in our neigborhood. The Wilshire Riverside Little League offers baseball to NE Portland kids so they can have fun, develop as players and teammates, learn life lessons, and be part of an inclusive community. To learn more, and get more involved, click here.

Supporters of Oregon Food Bank

American Chimney is a proud supporter of this honorable cause. Oregon Food Bank believes food is a basic human right and ending hunger requires a clear vision and bold action, with all of us working together. To learn more, and get more involved, click here.

Supporters of Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable home. Since 1981, they have worked with over 2,000 individuals in the Portland area to build and renovate homes. They aim to significantly increase the impact by tripling the number of individuals they assist annually, and are committed to creating a community where everyone can thrive. To learn more, and get more involved, click here.

Supporters of Holla Mentors

HOLLA is a mentorship initiative that collaborates with families, school leaders, educators, and nonprofit organizations to acknowledge and uplift the abilities and opportunities of Black and Brown young people. Our mission at HOLLA is to empower students of color in Portland by fostering culturally affirming connections. Through our programs, we strive to offer mentorship, advocacy, and resources that promote representation, fairness, and holistic support for both mentees and their families. To learn more, and get more involved, click here.

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Knowing our core values will tell you a lot about who we are as a company and what we aspire to…we think that’s important!

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