Setting the highest standard for chimney and venting system professionals, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is a non-profit, educational organization founded in 1983. Committed to the safety of chimney and venting systems, the CSIA educates the public, chimney and venting professionals, and other fire safety specialists on how to eliminate chimney fires, carbon monoxide leaks, and other hazardous situations. The CSIA also provides valuable certification to chimney and venting system professionals, such as our chimney sweeps at American Chimney & Masonry. We would like to tell you more about the CSIA certification process and why it is so important to choose a CSIA-certified professional for your chimney maintenance and repair needs. CSIA-certification-portland-OR-american-chimney-and-masonry

What Does the CSIA Certification Course Cover?

Available in-person at the CSIA Technology Center in Plainfield, Indiana and online, the CSIA training session teaches the sweeping and inspection of different chimney systems, the operation of essential equipment, health and safety considerations, and the codes, clearances, standards, and practices of the chimney trade. During this course, one will learn:

  • How to service chimney systems using all fuel-burning appliances
  • About the different types of heating appliances, including wood and pellet stoves, inserts, factory-built fireplaces, central heaters, and furnaces
  • National Fire Prevention Association 211 standards
  • How to navigate the International Residential Codes
  • How to address chimney performance problems, including understanding draft and flow, diagnosing down drafts, flow reversals, inadequate flow, stack effects, updrafts, pressure effects, and gauges
  • How to use health and safety practices and equipment

What Are the Requirements Needed to Earn CSIA Certification?

To receive certification from the CSIA, one must:

  • Attend the certification training course, either in-person or online
  • Pass a one-hour exam based on Successful Chimney Sweeping (2011) and NFPA 211 (2013)
  • Pass a 90-minute open book exam based on the International Residential Codes (2006)
  • Agree to pay the annual certification fee
  • Sign the CSIA Code of Ethics.

What is the CSIA Code of Ethics?

This code is a pledge that all CSIA-certified chimney sweeps and dryer vent technicians must sign as an agreement to abide by certain standards. The responsibilities and obligations in this code of ethics one must follow include:

  • Learning and utilizing all CSIA-promoted chimney and venting safety practices and techniques
  • Rendering services honestly and fairly and refraining from engaging in deceptive or unfair practices
  • Complying with all applicable local codes, with all manufacturers’ installation instructions, and with recognized chimney and venting practices
  • Promoting and educating consumers about safe chimney and venting practices
  • Continually striving to be updated on current chimney and venting safety practices, techniques, and skills
  • Conducting oneself in a decent, respectable, and professional manner while serving as a CSIA-certified technician on the job and while attending any event, conference, or function presented by an organization in the chimney or hearth products industry.

Knowing that your chimney sweep has earned the CSIA certification gives you peace of mind when having your chimney and venting systems serviced, To hire a CSIA-certified chimney technician, contact American Chimney & Masonry today.

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