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Summer in Portland has come and gone, and you are probably trying to get out and enjoy the last bits of sun as possible before our unpredictable winter arrives. One task you should add to your to-do list for the fall is scheduling your annual chimney sweeping and inspection with American Chimney & Masonry.

If you procrastinate on making this appointment now, you could find yourself having to wait even longer to light the first fire of the year. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps are very busy, from October through December, sweeping and inspect the chimneys of the residents of the Portland area, and it can be difficult to find an open appointment time that is the most convenient for you.

Someone will have to be at your home when we come to perform this annual chimney maintenance task, so finding that date that works the best for you can be challenging. Even though you think your fireplace and chimney look clean with no obvious problems, your safety could be at risk if you decide to go ahead and light a fire before having it swept and inspected by chimney professionals.

The CSIA, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and other fire safety organizations recommend having your chimney professionally maintained at least once a year to prevent some dangerous situations. We would like to tell you why it is so important to have your chimney swept and inspected before using it this fall.

A chimney inspection prevents chimney fires.

Before American Chimney & Masonry inspects your chimney, our CSIA-certified sweeps will scrub your chimney from top to bottom with rotating brushes on rods to remove every bit of creosote from the inner walls of your chimney. When your chimney contains creosote deposits on the inside, you are at a much greater risk of a chimney fire.

The CSIA even names this natural compound as a leading cause of chimney fires. Creosote forms naturally during the combustion process of burning wood and can build up into large deposits on the inner chimney walls. The reason why creosote is such a chimney fire hazard has to do with the fact that it is highly flammable.

If the inside of your chimney gets hot enough, creosote deposits can easily and quickly ignite into a chimney fire that could spread to the combustible parts of your home that surround the chimney. During our chimney inspections, we ensure that all of the creosote has been removed from the chimney, which makes you much safer.

A chimney inspection prevents carbon monoxide leaks.

When American Chimney & Masonry inspects your chimney, we will be looking for any damage or other potential problems that could lead to hazardous situations. We check to see if any debris has formed a blockage of the flue, and we will remove that blockage to prevent a carbon monoxide leak. If the flue is blocked, toxic combustion gases like carbon monoxide are unable to exit through the chimney and can be forced back into your home. Another problem that could cause a carbon monoxide leak is a damaged chimney liner. We will look to be sure there are no gaps or cracks in the liner that could allow a leak. Since carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, you could get very sick from breathing it. You could even die from carbon monoxide poisoning if the problem is neglected. You can count on us to find and repair damage that could allow a leak of this poisonous gas.

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