Gas Fireplace Inserts Image - Portland OR - American Chimney & MasonryIf you have been disappointed by the heating efficiency of your old masonry fireplace, you may want to consider updating it with a gas fireplace insert. As much as you may love your open wood-burning fireplace, it can have an efficiency rating as low as 10 percent because so much of the heat produced by the fire exits out of the chimney. According to HouseLogic, gas fireplace inserts have efficiency ratings from 65 to 99 percent, so you can see how much a new gas insert can increase the warmth in your home as well as decrease the amount of your heating costs. American Chimney & Masonry offers sales and installation services for several types of gas heating appliances, including fireplace inserts. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of gas fireplace inserts and why this might be the right update for your home this winter.


One of our favorite things about gas fireplace inserts is being able to start a fire from the couch by pressing a button on the remote control. If you have ever had trouble getting a wood fire going, you will love the ease of igniting a fire in your gas fireplace insert. You also will be free from the chores involved with burning wood. No more bringing in firewood from outside in the freezing cold, and no more sweeping up ashes after each fire. Even better, you will not have to wait until the fire dies completely out before leaving the house or going to bed since all you have to do to stop a fire in a gas fireplace insert is to turn it off.

No extra construction costs

Gas fireplace inserts are designed to be installed into an existing fireplace to vent through the existing chimney. This makes these inserts an excellent choice if you would rather not rebuild your hearth or add another chimney. Additionally, installing a new gas fireplace insert is an easy way to upgrade the appearance of your hearth. American Chimney & Masonry can show you a wide variety of styles of gas fireplace inserts. No matter if your decor is contemporary or traditional, you will be able to find the right design for your home.

Environmentally friendly

The high energy efficiency ratings of gas fireplace inserts not only mean that you will save money on heating costs while enjoying a warmer home. These ratings also mean that very little smoke and other pollutants are produced when a fire is burning. In addition, gas fires do not produce ash or creosote, so you will have a cleaner firebox and chimney and a lower risk for chimney fires. While gas fireplace inserts can be very safe, we do stress the importance of professional installation of these inserts to be sure they will work as safely and efficiently as possible.

If these benefits sound good to you, a gas fireplace insert may be the best choice to update your old fireplace this winter. Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to learn more about our gas heating appliance options.