Making a plan and holding regular fire drills will give each household member the confidence and knowledge to act quickly in an emergency. Here then are some tips on developing a family escape plan for your home:

  1. Sketch a layout of each floor, including windows, doors, and stairways. Go over the plan with family members and post it in your home as a reminder of all possible exits. Keep the phone number of the Fire Department handy by the phone.
  2. Have family members practice different escape routes (at least two per room). Fire drills also teach children that they must escape, not hide from fire.
  3. Place one family member in charge of helping the elderly or the very young to escape.
  4. Agree on a meeting place outside the home and instruct everyone to go there in case of fire. Discuss why you shouldn’t go back inside once you’re out. (People have died returning to a burning building).

Nearly one-third of home fire victims lost their lives in fires that were smoking-related. If you have a smoker in your home, install a smoke and fire alarm in his or her room and have large, heavy ashtrays placed in various locations.

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