Installing a wood stove can be a difficult job as it requires technical expertise, professionalism and care. For this type of installation, you are advised to get a Certified Professional to ensure the job is done right. A Certified Professional installer will follow local mechanical code and the manufacturer’s installation instructions while safely installing your wood stove making it really easy on you. Many people consider themselves capable of installing a wood stove but can easily make small mistakes and overlook some of the most important things that need to be taken into consideration. One that may seem simple but is not always well thought out.

If you get a Professional to install your Wood stove, he will recommend and go over exactly what you need and where to best locate the stove for optimum safety and efficient heat output. They can also help you select the most suitable surface that your stove should be placed on such as ceramic tiles, concrete, slate or marble. When you get a Professional to install your Wood Stove, he or she will assure proper clearances are maintained from walls, furnishings and other combustibles. If this isn’t taken into consideration it could be disastrous.

A professional will check to make sure the connection between the stovepipe and chimney is done correctly. This is a task that is very important and requires expertise and care. The proper connection to the chimney can keep you and your family safe from unwanted and harmful smoke. Having a professional install any type of fireplace or stove is always the best answer when asking your self: what is the best way to do that?

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