Heating Efficiency & Fireplace Inserts Image - Portland OR - American Chimney & MasonryYou love your traditional open masonry fireplace, but you may have noticed that your heating bills have increased each winter because the heating efficiency of your older fireplace just is not as high as you would like. In fact, the average energy efficiency rating of open masonry fireplaces is about 15 percent. Most of the heat produced by the fire escapes out of your home through the chimney. If you want to heat your home more effectively and economically, American Chimney & Masonry has a solution: installing a new wood-burning or gas fireplace insert into the opening of your existing fireplace. We carry a large variety of both fuel types, and you can trust our certified and experienced technicians to professionally install this new heating appliance so that it will work safely and efficiently. To help you decide which fuel type is best for your home, we wanted to tell you a bit more about the pros and cons of each type of fireplace insert. No matter which fuel type you choose, you will vastly increase the energy efficiency of your home this winter with one of these heating appliances.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

If the scents, sights, and smells of burning wood are why you love your traditional masonry fireplace so much, a wood-burning fireplace insert is the perfect choice to increase the heating efficiency in your home this winter. According to HouseLogic, a new wood-burning fireplace insert has energy efficiency ratings that range from 60 to 80 percent. Even better, most models have been certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as heating appliances that burn cleanly with less energy. This type of insert has front doors with ceramic glass, which allow the heat to radiate into the room. Many units are also equipped with fans that circulate warm air throughout the living area. While a wood-burning fireplace insert can be wonderful for some, you will still have to bring firewood inside from storage and sweep up ashes after each fire, and you may not want the responsibility of these chores.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

How does starting a fire by pressing a button on a remote control from the comfort of your couch or favorite chair sound to you? This is possible with a new gas fireplace insert. If convenience and ease are important to you, you will want to consider installing this type of heating appliance to improve your home’s energy efficiency this winter. With energy efficiency ratings of 58 to 85 percent, gas fireplace inserts produce a very small amount of creosote, smoke, and other pollutants because they burn very cleanly. However, if you love the sensory experience of a wood fire, you may be disappointed with the aesthetics of a gas flame, even though you can find models with realistic-looking fires.

Whether you decide to go with a wood-burning or a gas fireplace insert, you will be greatly improving the heating efficiency in your home. Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to learn more about your options for a new energy-efficient heating appliance this winter.