A fireplace can be a big plus in your home. If you want to install a new fireplace, you should not only consider the design, but also the type of fuel that will be used in it. The most popular types of fireplace are gas, followed by wood and electric.

So if you’re still having trouble deciding what fireplace to go for, here are some tips and explanations:

  • Electric Fireplace – Choosing this fireplace is a good idea if you don’t have a chimney in your home. It gives off instant heat, comes in various designs and requires a bare minimum of upkeep. They are also simple to install.
    • Gas Fireplace – It is also suitable for properties without a chimney, and it can be installed almost anywhere. However, it is essential that you should use a qualified professional to install your fireplace correctly. You can purchase a direct vent gas fireplace, which will have two pipes. One vent that uses combustion air from outside, and another to vent gas fumes out directly through an external wall.
  • Solid Fuel (i.e., wood, coal) – To install this type of fireplace, you will need a chimney. If you want to install a new chimney on your property, then you will need to get a planning permit, and you should make sure that a registered contractor installs your fireplace. The registered contractor will be fully aware of the regulations, and will be able to install the fireplace safely.

As for your fireplace design, it is important for the chimney to look attractive and in harmony with the style of your home. There are various designs that you can choose from. They are made from materials like: stone, marble, wood, brick, limestone and stainless steel.

And finally, the cost of your fireplace will differ depending on what type you choose. Always consult with a chimney specialty company for a pricing quote. A new fireplace can be expensive, but using a qualified company to build or install it will ensure that you have years of pleasure and comfort in front of the fire.

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