Is Your Fireplace up to Code in Portland, OregonCold, winter Oregon weather will be here before you know it, and this means it is time to ensure your fireplace and chimney are ready to be used. To be sure your fireplace and chimney will work as safely and efficiently as possible, American Chimney & Masonry in Portland can inspect your system to see if it meets current building and safety codes. If you have not used your fireplace in a while, having this inspection before you begin using it again is essential. Without this inspection, you may not know if you have a hazardous problem, such as a flue blockage that could cause a chimney fire or a carbon monoxide leak. We would like to tell you about the things we look for when performing this type of inspection by sharing with you some information from HouseLogic.

Exterior Chimney Inspection

  • American Chimney & Masonry will take a look at the condition of your chimney cap. Your cap protects your chimney from water and animals entering it to cause damage.
  • We will ensure your chimney extends at least two feet from where it exits the roof.
  • We will check the structure of the chimney to see if it is sound with no visible leaning present. We will also look for missing or crumbling bricks and mortar.
  • We will look for the flue liner to be visible above the chimney crown. If you have an older chimney, it may not be lined. As modern building codes require all chimneys to be lined, we can install a new liner for you so that your chimney will meet codes.

Interior Chimney Inspection

  • We will inspect your fireplace damper to make sure that it opens, closes, and seals properly so that you will not lose a lot of heated air from your home when the fireplace is not in use.
  • We will check the flue for blockages. If we find a blockage, we will remove the debris that is blocking the exit. You could have loose bricks that have fallen inside the chimney, nesting materials left behind by birds or animals, or leaves and other debris that have gotten into the chimney to form a blockage.
  • We will inspect the fireplace surround, hearth, and firebox to ensure there are no cracks or missing bricks or mortar. If we find cracks or other damage in your firebox, we can make any necessary repairs so that your fireplace will be safe to use.
  • We will check for obvious signs of moisture inside the firebox. This can be a sign of a damaged or missing chimney cap, or of a water entry through the masonry.

If you have an older fireplace and chimney, be sure your system is up to code before using it this winter. Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to schedule an inspection today.

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