We at American Chimney & Masonry feel that you, our customers, are the most vital asset of our business. Without you, we would not be able to open our doors every day. Appreciating our clients and providing great customer service are two of our most important business practices. Everyone remembers bad customer service experiences, and sometimes those moments are horrible enough to make you stop doing business with that company. Of course, people also remember the great customer service they receive, and we strive each day to give the best service possible to our customers. We would like to share with you some of the things that allows us to provide great customer service to all of our clients.

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Know who is the boss.

Never forget that customers are the ones who pay your salary. According to About Money, you can only know how to best serve your customers by finding out what your customers need.

Be a good listener.

To find out what exactly your customers need, ask questions and listen carefully to their answers. Pay close attention to their words, tone of voice, body language, and how they feel. Giving a customer your undivided attention will help you determine his or her exact needs and how you can help serve these needs.

Do not just identify needs, but also anticipate needs.

The more you know your customers, the better you can anticipate what they want and need. Communicate regularly with your customers so that you can be aware of issues and what they may need from you in the future.

Make your customers feel important and appreciated.

Treat customers as individuals by calling them by their names and remembering their history with your business. Acting with sincerity is extremely important because people can sense when you are not being honest. Be sure to thank every customer each chance you can. Generating good feelings about doing business with you and your company keeps those customers coming back.

Understand the power of “yes.”

Always be looking for ways to satisfy your customers. If they make reasonable requests, tell them you can do it, even if you must figure out how afterwards. However, you should always remember to do what you say you will do for those customers.

Know how to apologize.

If something goes wrong, you should immediately and sincerely apologize to that customer. Be honest with customers and try to solve problems as quickly as possible. Additionally, value customer complaints as they can be valuable lessons on how to improve customer service.

Give more than is expected.

Ask yourself what you can do to make your company the best. What can you give customers that they cannot receive anywhere else? How can you follow up and thank customers who do not make a purchase? What services can you provide to your customers that are completely unexpected?

If you want to experience great customer service, contact American Chimney & Masonry today. We will be proud to show you how much we appreciate your business.

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