You may have heard that chimney sweeps bring luck with them, and you wondered why a chimney sweep would be so lucky. At American Chimney & Masonry, we are asked this question all of the time. Many Americans have not heard these legends as they all originated in Europe. In England, it is considered to be very lucky for the bride and groom to see a chimney sweep on their wedding day. Even more luck is passed along if a chimney sweep kisses the bride or shakes the groom’s hand. We would like to share with you three legends of the luck of the chimney sweep for your reading enjoyment.


A Chimney Sweep Saves King George II of England

Dating back to the 1700’s, King George II was riding his horse in a procession down a London street. Suddenly, a growling dog appeared before the horse and scared the horse. The horse became out of control with fear, and during the horse’s frightened jumping, King George II lost his grip on the reins. The only man courageous enough to come out to help the king was a local chimney sweep. This chimney sweep saved King George II’s life by calming the horse down. So grateful to the chimney sweep, King George II declared from this day forward all chimney sweeps were signs of future success and should be treated with respect. From then on in England, chimney sweeps have been a sign of good luck and fortune.

A Chimney Sweeps Saves the Life of King William

In 1066 a chimney sweep saw a runaway carriage heading right towards King William of Britain, who was peacefully walking down the road. The chimney sweep rushed to push the king out of the way of the carriage, which saved his life. In order to show his gratitude, he declared all chimney sweeps as good luck and invited the chimney sweep who saved his life to his daughter’s wedding. He asked the chimney sweep to come to the wedding to be sure he would bring the bride and groom luck. This legend is why it is considered to be lucky to have a chimney sweep attend your wedding.

The Falling Chimney Sweep Also Falls in Love

In this undated tale that originated in Europe, a chimney sweep falls while working on the roof, but he is saved by his foot getting caught in the gutter, according to Good Luck Symbols. However, he is dangling upside down. A young woman who lived in the house heard the commotion and looked out of her window to see the chimney sweep hanging upside down outside the window. Very determined, she saved the chimney sweep’s life by pulling him inside through the window. Although this young woman was engaged to be married, she fell in love at first sight with the chimney sweep, as did he. She broke off her engagement and married the chimney sweep. They lived happily ever after.

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