If you're not sure about the material, size, and design of the chase cover you should get for your chimney, call us! We'll help you narrow down and select the best chase cover for you!

If you’re not sure about the material, size, and design of the chase cover you should get for your chimney, call us! We’ll help you select the best chase cover for you!

Since there are different types of chimneys, they require different types of materials and accessories. You may be have heard of a chase cover, but might not be familiar with what it is or it’s function. A factory-built chimney needs a chase cover to keep precipitation, debris, and animals away. If you have questions about your chimney, call the professionals at American Chimney and Masonry.

What material should you choose?

It is important to pick something reliable to cover your chimney opening. There are four main types of materials that you can look into. The first is galvanized steel, which is the most inexpensive, but will need to be replaced after installation due to rust. Aluminum will not have as high of a tendency to rust, but is softer material and only available in select sizes. Stainless steel is the best choice because even though it is slightly pricy, it will last the longest and is the strongest. Lastly if you have the funds, copper is the highest quality choice.

How do I know what size you will need?

It is important to make sure that you have the right size cover. You need to leave between a fourth to a half of an inch to make sure it isn’t too tight to retain moisture, but will keep anything from getting in. You will also want cross-breaks inside your cover to keep water from collecting.

What design would you like?

You want to make sure if you can get the look you want out of your fireplace and its accessories that you do. Now, more companies are building with design in mind. Remember, if you buy any with a painted finish, this too will have to be kept up.

How are chase covers installed?

It is recommended that for any chimney job you call a professional. This is for not only the safety of installation, but also when in use. When they come to your home, they will remove the rain cap, storm collar, and old chase cover. After theses steps they will be able to install the new cover.

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