Light a Fire This Winter Image - Portland OR - American Chimney & MasonryYou know that summer is coming to an end when it is time to get your kids ready to go back to school. The arrival of fall also means you need to start preparing your home for cooler temperatures. One home maintenance task that should be on your fall to-do list is scheduling your appointment for your annual professional chimney sweeping and inspection. It is very important to make sure your chimney and fireplace system is ready to use and will work safely and efficiently all winter long. In fact, many national fire safety organizations like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend having your chimney professionally swept and inspected before you light the first fire of fireplace season. American Chimney & Masonry has been providing this essential chimney maintenance service to the residents of the Portland area for over 20 years, so you can feel confident about the safety and efficiency of your fireplace and chimney after our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps have cleaned and checked out your chimney. We would like to tell you about one of the main reasons you need to schedule your appointment with us now as well as what you can expect from our service.

Why do I need to have my chimney professionally swept before lighting my first fire this winter?

As the CSIA warns, dirty chimneys can cause chimney fires. When you have a wood-burning fireplace, creosote is a fact of life. This natural compound develops during the combustion process of burning wood and sticks to the inner walls of your chimney. After a long, cold winter, creosote can accumulate into large deposits, which can be very hazardous. If the internal temperature of your chimney gets hot enough, these deposits can quickly ignite into flames. Creosote is so highly flammable that the CSIA names it as a leading cause of chimney fires. Neglecting to have your chimney swept before the next fireplace season begins could be dangerous. American Chimney & Masonry takes great care to remove all of the creosote deposits from the inside of your chimney by using rotating brushes on rods and other specialized tools. Our chimney sweeping service greatly reduces your risk of a chimney fire.

What can I expect from a chimney sweeping and inspection from American Chimney & Masonry?

We begin by going the extra mile to ensure a no-mess chimney sweeping by laying down drop cloths around the hearth area and by setting up a high powered vacuum to collect dust and debris. Whether you have a masonry or prefabricated chimney, we use the tools that are specifically made for your system to brush loose the creosote and remove it from the chimney walls. After we have cleaned your chimney, we will check out the interior and exterior of your chimney to make sure there are no blockages or other problems that could cause your chimney to be unsafe. If we find any damage, we will provide you with photos and/or video evidence and a written estimate of the necessary repairs.

You can trust us to make sure your chimney and fireplace system will work smoothly and safely this winter. Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to schedule your annual chimney sweeping and inspection today.