If you use gas logs you need to know that it is important to have them serviced every year to keep them clean and functioning properly and you and your family safe. Many people believe that since they do not burn wood in their fireplace there is no need to inspect and clean their fireplaces and that is just not true.

No matter what you use to burn in your fireplace the firebox will need to be carefully inspected and cleaned. Creosote buildup can still be an issue especially if your fireplace once burned wood or other carbon producing products. Each one of the gas logs will need to be inspected and cleaned as well to insure they are in good working order. When working efficiently, gas logs are one of the best ways to produce a clean burn.

However, before you just call anyone, make sure you are dealing with a certified gas appliance technician. This will be someone who is certified to inspect not just the logs but also the piping for damage and leaks as well as any starter or control mechanisms you may have in place. Damage to any one of these is a potential fire and health risk for your family.

The other normal chimney inspections and cleanings should also take place as well as inspection to make sure the damper is in good working order and the chimney is functioning properly. If a damper is loose and prone to falling it can cause the smoke and fumes to back up into the home and potentially cause a major problem. When using s gas log appliance you must be vented through a working chimney system. This is not an option. Capping the top of the chimney will make sense as well because you will want to keep debris and critters out of the chimney year round. It’s just the smart thing to do.

Specific to gas logs in the burner pan and is where the flames are actually produced. Sand is used to keep the flames even across the pan and if it is not spread evenly you can get a “yellowing” flame that signals there is uneven combustion. Making sure the sand is spread evenly will help eliminate the problem.

Once the tech has completed servicing the entire appliance he or she will reassemble the gas logs and get them back in good working order.  Any final adjustments will be made on the flame height and any controls you may have and you will be on your way to enjoying another year of peaceful, warm fires.

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