To prevent deadly carbon monoxide from entering your home, you have to learn how to stay safe.  Carbon monoxide is a type of gas which is tasteless, poisonous, odorless and colorless.   It can be inhaled without you even knowing it is there. This gas is the result of the incomplete burning of materials that contain carbon. Examples of these would be wood, coal, oil, propane, gasoline, and kerosene. So basically, any type of carbon based fuel may emit this dangerous gas when burned.

Annually, there are many deaths that are caused by carbon monoxide hazards. Many homeowners are not aware of this problem. They don’t understand that one potential sources is their chimney. Hundreds of deaths occur every year because carbon monoxide is coming from their heating system or chimney.  Some of the symptoms of exposure to carbon monoxide during winter seasons are “seasonal” depression, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.  Many people ignore these symptoms, and they are not detected at an early stage. It is important not to ignore these, however, because even bigger problems can occur.

Another cause of dangerous levels of this gas is found right in your home’s tight construction.  Many of us seal our homes so airtight that we are completely unable to get fresh air inside. This means fresh air is completely eliminated or lessened, and the stale or polluted air is sealed inside the home. Leaving your boilers and furnaces with minimal levels of oxygen will cause the incomplete burning of fuels, which produces even more carbon monoxide.

To avoid carbon monoxide related problems, one of the best ways to solve it is to have professional chimney experts come and inspect, clean or repair your chimney and connector pipes. Be sure to have safety measures in place to prevent the hazardous effects caused by this gas and consider the installation of a carbon monoxide detector or alarm.

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