Why clean air vents?

Since our air vents are usually out of sight, they’re often out of mind, too. And that’s not totally a bad thing — if we’re not thinking about our air vents, that probably means everything is functioning correctly. As with any system in our home, though, a little aforethought, and a little maintenance, can help keep that system functioning correctly, and out of the front of our minds.

There are a variety of benefits that come with having those vents professionally cleaned, and American Chimney & Masonry technicians specialize in air duct cleaning. Our process makes use of some of the industry’s best tools, including a specially designed vacuum system and cleaning tools that will dislodge and remove debris and buildup throughout your entire system.


A Few Reasons Why You Might Want To Think About Having Your Air Vents Cleaned:

  • Built-up dirt, mold and bacteria can be blowing around your living space

If moisture has been able to build up in your ducts, it can lead to mold and bacteria growth. As your ducts work to circulate conditioned air around the home, they begin circulating mold and bacteria too. Over time, dirt and dust can build up considerably too, and that can lessen the air quality in your home. This all becomes a particular worry if someone in your home suffers from respiratory problems. Clean air ducts contribute to cleaner air.

Keeping the lint tray clean is only one step in keeping the airways clear or debris.

Keeping the lint tray clean is only one step in keeping the airways clear or debris.

  • If you’ve had problems with mice, rats or other vermin, chances are they’ve gotten into your duct-work

Air ducts tend to be welcoming to rodents and insects, and as with any other place in your home that those pests tend to congregate, unsanitary conditions follow in their wake. While getting rid of an infestation is always your first step, it’s worth thinking about your cleaning your vents once that’s taken care of — the vents can carry the messes they left through the air in your home.

  • Your system will work more efficiently

As with your chimney system, your engine or any other system, really, a clean system improves performance. We’ve found that homeowners who have their vents cleaned end up calling us with repair calls far less frequently.

If it’s been a while since you last had your air vents cleaned, give American Chimney & Masonry a call – we’d love to help make their air in your home cleaner, and keep your system working, headache-free.

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