Fireplace inserts are basically fireproof boxes that are slotted into existing fireplaces, allowing homeowners to convert their fireplaces into a more efficient heating appliance. They can be fueled by a variety of sources: wood, gas, or electricity, as well as pellets and coal. Far more efficient than standard fireplaces, they present closed combustion systems for better retention of a home’s heat.

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Feel the Heat of That Pretty Fire

That makes them an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, since most open fireplaces are not the sole source of heat for the home. It is in the nature of the beast for the heat created in standard fireplaces to be drawn up the chimney with the smoke. Fireplace insert systems keep that heat in the home, where it is beneficial rather than a stress on chimney components.

Old fireplaces are notoriously poor home-heaters, delivering maybe 10 percent of the heat created in them back to the house, while pulling a lot of heated air out of the home. These standard fireplaces would make it very difficult to be able to keep a home warm using it as the sole source of heat. Fireplace inserts are designed to take advantage of heat and keep more if it in the home.

Close the Door on Heat Loss

Usually surrounded by cast iron or steel to improve their heat retention, closed-combustion fireplace inserts finally allow cozy fires to be a source of heat as well. Fronted with insulating glass doors that retain heat, and equipped with blowers that send it back into the room, fireplace insert systems are supplemental heaters. Providing added safety with doors that keep wayward sparks in and little fingers out, fireplace inserts offer attractive advantages.

Doors add more than better heat retention to a fireplace, giving it decorative charm along with a recommended safety feature. Combined with the other components of a fireplace insert system, they shut themselves to heat loss and wasted resources. What are fireplace inserts? – A smart way to have a smarter fireplace in every way.