If you have an older masonry fireplace, you may not have any fireplace doors installed in front of your fireplace. Adding glass fireplace doors is a simple and inexpensive way to give your old fireplace a new look. At American Chimney & Masonry in Portland, we feel there are many advantages to installing a set of glass fireplace doors to your fireplace. We would like to share with you some of the benefits you will get from these fireplace doors to inform you of this option for improving the appearance, safety, and efficiency of your older fireplace.

Glass Fireplace Doors - Portland OR

Improved Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). thousands of homeowners experience property damage every year that could have been prevented if their fireplaces had doors. Glass fireplace doors can also save your life and your home because not having fireplace doors also causes thousands of deaths and injuries from house fires. How exactly do fireplace doors reduce dangerous home fires? Glass fireplace doors cut down on the chances of sparks or logs falling out of the fireplace while the fire dies down. These situations can cause damage to wood or tile flooring, destruction of carpet, and melting of linoleum floors. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about sparks and cinders popping out of the fireplace and landing on clothing, furniture, and other household items, which can cause a devastating house fire. Closing off the fireplace with glass doors has been proven to increase fire safety and prevention in your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

By minimizing and reducing air going out of your chimney, fireplace doors will save you money on both your heating and cooling expenses. An open fireplace is just like an open window. If you do not have fireplace doors to close this window, warm air escapes your home in the winter, and cold, air conditioned air exits through your chimney during the summer. Additionally, fireplace doors increase the heat of a burning flame. When closed during a fire, glass fireplace doors have been proven to triple the net heat in your home. Remember, though, that if you are burning gas logs or a large wood-burning fire, you should open these doors. Also, if you have problems with airflow, you may need to keep your fireplace doors open when burning a fire.

Reduced Clean Up

When fireplace doors are closed, ash, wood chips, cinders, and other debris are contained, which decreases (or even eliminates!) the task of sweeping up these things after a fire. You also will not have to worry about ash smudges left by fallen ashes. Your household items near your fireplace will also be protected from getting dirty from debris when the fireplace doors are closed.

Update Decor and Style

Adding new fireplace doors can update the look of your hearth. Whether your decor tastes are classic and traditional or modern and contemporary, you can find the perfect set of fireplace doors for you. With shapes ranging from rectangular to L-shaped to arched to U-shaped, you are certain to find the best glass fireplace doors for your hearth and home.

If you would like more information on fireplace doors, contact American Chimney & Masonry can tell you more about the many benefits of glass fireplace doors.

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