Despite their importance, little attention is paid to things like waterproofing and crown sealing when chimney crowns are first built. As a result, most of them fail within the first year of their construction, developing anything from tiny cracks to wide ones. Homeowners become aware of the problem when the top of the chimney darkens or mold appears.

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A trained chimney maintenance professional will look at the crown as part of an annual inspection of your fireplace and chimney. Depending on the size of existing cracks, repair may be possible with the application of a sealing coat to prevent further penetration of water into the chimney. If the cracks are deep or wide, the crown will need to be removed and replaced.

Once the crown begins to deteriorate, parts of it actually falling off and huge cracks forming across its surface, there is no option but to remove and replace it. Pre-cast concrete crowns are designed to slope away from the center to improve outward water runoff. This prevents rain or melting snow from further penetrating into the chimney bricks and mortar.

Chimney crown protection systems can be made from a variety of materials, including rust resistant metals such as stainless steel. The most important thing, regardless of what they are made from, is their ability to repel water and stand up to bad weather. Your chimney maintenance professional will discuss your options with you and offer advice in this regard.

Although chimney crown repairs may not be cheap, they can save homeowners far more by preventing further damage to the chimney. Without them, more and more water is admitted to the chimney, until it finally begins to crumble and can no longer be used. Once waterproofed and a correctly installed and designed chimney crown is put in place, it can be eliminated as a possible source of a chimney leak.