You may qualify for savings on a new wood or pellet stove!

You may qualify for savings on a new wood or pellet stove!

If you need a good incentive to buy a new wood-burning or pellet stove for your home, the state of Oregon has one for you. Thanks to our state’s Residential Energy Tax Credit Program, you can receive a credit to use on your state income taxes by increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Since this helps to preserve the environment in Oregon, the state wants to reward residents who make changes in their home by being more energy efficient. One way you can get this tax credit is by purchasing and installing a new wood-burning or pellet stove to heat your home. American Chimney & Masonry in Portland would like to tell you more about this tax credit program by sharing with you some information from the Oregon Department of Energy.

How can I qualify for the Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit Program?

To receive a tax credit based on the estimated average of the energy savings in the first year, you must buy a new wood-burning or pellet stove. This appliance must meet a few qualifications:

The stove must be installed in a residential dwelling in the state of Oregon.

The stove must be installed with a dedicated outside combustion air intake. This means your stove must have a duct connected directly to the stove, a duct that terminates at the hearth with a barometric or manual damper, or a duct with a barometric damper within the room.

The stove must be listed in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s List of EPA Certified Wood Stoves. If the stove is not listed, it could be approved by the state’s department of energy if it does not exceed the allowed maximum emission rate by stove type. The maximum emission rates are 3.5 g/hr for non-catalytic stoves and 2.5 g/hr for catalytic and pellet stoves.

How do I apply for this tax credit?

First, you will need to verify that your stove meets all of the required criteria, and then you can fill out the tax credit application for Premium Efficiency Wood, Pellet Stoves, and Direct Vent Fireplaces from the Oregon Department of Energy website that is linked above. Send your application into the state’s department of energy with a copy of the dated receipt or other proof of purchase that includes the make and model of your stove. You will then receive a tax credit certificate that you will use when you file your state income taxes. Be sure to keep this tax certificate along with a copy of your application and proof of purchase in case you may be audited.

Our staff at American Chimney & Masonry is here to help you with this tax credit process. Contact us to find out how you can take advantage of this state program with a new wood-burning or pellet stove.

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