Smelly fireplaces are a real nuisance to everyone and a special aggravation for people who suffer from allergies. When fireplaces smell, it is because air is not moving up and through them properly, so allergy triggers are just hanging inside them. In spring, when opening a window is of no help because of pollens in the air, allergy sufferers often feel just as trapped.

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Alive or Dead?

This can make spring a miserable time of year for many homeowners, but there are steps they can take to minimize their suffering. Many fail to take them because they mistakenly believe it is better to wait until fall to have their chimneys professionally cleaned. Thinking it best to have the fireplace system inspected right before using it again, they choose to wait and suffer through the season.

Not only should everyone be maintaining their chimneys year round, but those with allergies will especially need spring cleanings. Creosote accumulation is better tackled sooner rather than later, since it eats away at the flue liner. If problems exist that cannot be swept away, it is much better to find them now when there is time to correct them.

Animal or Mineral?

The arguments for spring inspections and cleanings of fireplace systems are strong even when the fireplace’s smell is not. A smelly fireplace is a very obvious sign of improper drafting, which can be extremely dangerous. Even those who do not suffer from allergies need to take a smelly chimney seriously and determine the cause of the problem.

For allergy sufferers, the benefits of spring cleaning the chimney are almost immeasurable, potentially offering tremendous relief. With the dirt inside it gone and the removal of dust in air properly drawn out of it, a clean chimney changes a great deal. Think of the savings in medications and tissues alone, to say nothing of more important savings.

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