Chimney Cap - Portland Oregon - American ChimneyPortland chimney repair is a year-long necessity. To be sure your fireplace and chimney will work smoothly during the fall and winter months, you need to have any necessary repairs completed during the summer. Having your chimney swept and inspected now gives you plenty of time to have any needed work done before the first cool day of fall. Waiting until the fall to get your chimney and fireplace ready can lead to even more waiting to be able to even use your system, especially if you have damage to your chimney. Since the summer months provide better weather and most people wait until the last minute, you will have a much easier time scheduling an appointment with us for a sweeping and inspection or chimney repair services. Once September arrives, our calendar is packed with chimney maintenance, repair, and installation appointments, so it can be difficult to arrange a visit from our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps on the date that is the most convenient for you. We strongly recommend scheduling your chimney repairs before fall, and we would like to tell you more about the chimney repair services we offer.


If you have damaged or poor mortar joints, you may be in need of our masonry tuckpointing services. Our experienced masons use pointed tools to replace damaged mortar by tucking in new mortar that has been custom mixed to exactly match your existing mortar. Neglecting to repair damaged or missing masonry materials can lead to water leaks and serious structural damage, and in extreme cases the collapse of your chimney. Taking care of these repairs in the summer will prevent this and have your Portland chimney looking great and your fireplace ready to use in the fall.

Chimney Crown Restoration & Construction

Sitting at the top of your chimney, your chimney crown protects the inside of your chimney by keeping water out of it. Water can seriously damage your chimney, which is why the CSIA names water as the biggest enemy of masonry chimneys. Water can also cause deterioration to your chimney crown. Since it sits at the top of the chimney, the crown is constantly exposed to the elements. Constructed from mortar, the crown naturally absorbs water, and when the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, that water freezes and expands inside the crown. When the weather warms up, this water thaws, and its force creates cracks within the crown. While chimney crowns are made to be resilient, they will still suffer from this damage over the years. American Chimney & Masonry can repair chimney crowns, and if we find your crown to be beyond repairing, we can construct a new crown to protect your chimney from water leaks. You can trust us to correctly build and install a durable chimney crown that will last for years. We will also apply a waterproofing formula to the crown to protect it from water erosion damage.

Fireplace Refacing & Updating – Are you tired of your fireplace bringing down the look of your home? Even if you’re not in the market for a full rebuild, the Portland chimney repair technicians at American Chimney & Fireplace can talk about the many options for updating or refacing your hearth. From new doors to new mantles, we can help give your fireplace that makeover you’ve been wanting while still staying within your budget.

Smoke Chamber Parging – Even if your fireplace and chimney look great now, if they aren’t designed for optimal performance, they won’t always look that way. Having your smoke chamber parged smooth can increase efficiency and keep byproducts and heat from spending excess time in your chimney system.

Be sure your fireplace is ready to use this fall. Contact us at American Chimney & Masonry to schedule an appointment for your annual Portland chimney sweeping and inspection today. If we find any problems, we will be able to quickly make repairs before the arrival of fall.

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